Two months after proclaiming hotel life a 'disaster', Jose Mourinho is left alone in the Lowry 6 years ago

Two months after proclaiming hotel life a 'disaster', Jose Mourinho is left alone in the Lowry

The Manchester United manager can no longer keep tabs on what his players are up to outside of training.

Since Jose Mourinho took over at United last summer, he has taken up a residence in the luxurious five-star Lowry Hotel in Manchester's city centre.


Not by choice seemingly, considering he called the situation a disaster, but the Portuguese seems in no rush to move either.

Mourinho's permanent residence is in London, where his wife and two children currently reside. The two parties regularly commute to one another.

Mourinho is clearly a fan of the hotel - if not the lifestyle - as he has recommended it to players within his squad and also to other staff members.

In fact, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Eric Bailly have all taken up residence at the Lowry at some point while they were in search of a house after arriving to the club.


Its unclear whether Mourinho would bump into the aforementioned players on a regular basis during out-of-hours but nevertheless, that will no longer be the case as the last player left to reside in the hotel, Mkhitaryan, has recently found a permanent home in the area, according to a report in the Manchester Evening News.

Mourinho won't be all by himself though, United's opposition scout, Ricardo Formosinho, still resides at the city centre hotel.

Mourinho will be pleased that all of his star players have found permanent addresses in the Manchester area as the 53-year-old wouldn't want any distractions or awkward living conditions potentially affecting their performances on the pitch.