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17th Apr 2016

Stan Collymore posts private message Joleon Lescott sent him after absolutely destroying the Aston Villa defender

Conan Doherty


It was as simple as that.

Aston Villa fan Stan Collymore was on the warpath on Sunday after his former team were condemned to the English Championship and he wasn’t taking any of Joleon Lescott’s nonsense anymore.

The Villa defender who has infuriated fans a few times already this season offered the final insult when he spoke about relegation as the monkey the team were trying to get off their backs. Finally, they achieved it and now they can relax.

Collymore took to talkSPORT later to annihilate Lescott and he did not mince his words.

“I would love Joleon, or any other Villa player, to call me up in all seriousness. I would like any Villa player – particularly Joleon Lescott – to come on and first explain the tweet [with the sports car after Liverpool defeat]. But, today, this is a senior international footballer: ‘Now confirmed, maybe it’s a weight off the shoulders.’

“Why’s it a weight off the shoulders, Joleon? It should hang on your shoulders in Dubai, in ‘Marbz’, with a gold bottle with the ace of spades on it in the summer when you and Gabby [Agboblahor] and Leandro [Bacuna] are all going to be laughing when your agents take you off to other football clubs.

“The Villa staff – it’s a real weight on their shoulders. People who are getting made redundant, people who have been there for 20 years, who don’t know where the next pay cheque might come from.

“You’re a disgrace. You’ve hid behind players like [David] Silva and [Sergio] Aguero but when it mattered today with your hometown club – who you profess to support – you’ve helped them go down.”

Collymore offered them to come on the air and have it out. “Give us a call,” he said. “Instead of tweeting and putting it on Instagram.”

Lescott, instead, put it on Instagram.

In a private message to Collymore, the defender – alleged defender – offered to “sort it out like men.”

StanLescott Collymore shared the message with the Twitter world before deleting later in the evening.

Because it was teeing up one final jab at the player – alleged player.

Fair play.

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