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16th Aug 2018

Spurs couldn’t have ‘timed’ this announcement much worse

Wayne Farry


There’s a saying in football, when something is described as “Spurs-y”

This insult of sorts comes from a time when Tottenham Hotspur were something of a laughing stock among certain groups of football fans, mainly due to their history of doing everything really well, up until the point that it actually matters.

In truth, it doesn’t particularly apply to the modern era Spurs. Since Mauricio Pochettino joined the club from Southampton in 2014 they have been on an unmistakable upward trajectory, recording three top-three finishes in the past three seasons in that time.

Spurs are now a team of reliable, talented footballers who – rather than mess things up at the first chance – savour most big occasions, and challenge the best teams when pitted against them.

They say that people never change though, and the same could be said for football clubs. Plenty of Spurs fans have had this feeling over the club’s new stadium, which is currently in the latter stages of its construction.

The stadium, which is being built close to the site of their old ground, White Hart Lane, was due to be ready for games by the start of the 2018/19 season, which has just kicked off.

While construction has been taking place, Pochettino’s side have been playing their home games at the Wembley Stadium, where they have performed surprisingly well.

Nonetheless, Wembley isn’t their home, and there widespread consternation when the club announced two days ago that the stadium would not in fact be ready within the time they had previously stated, a time which itself was a delay.

This news would be bad enough if Spurs didn’t follow it up on Tuesday with an announcement so hilarious that a cynic would believe that they were simply trying to wind up supporters.

That is because the club have announced their latest partner, a timing partner no less, in the form of IWC Schaffhausen, a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

The company are described as having a “meticulous attention to detail”, so it’s just a shame that they didn’t sign them up a little earlier.

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