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12th Jul 2015

Southampton’s Twitter account just put Fake Brendan Rodgers firmly in his place

Will Slattery

This is the sort of Twitter feud we can get on board with.

If you enjoy revelling in Brendan Rodgers’ various Brendan Rodgersisms, then the Deluded Brendan account is probably something you like.

The parody account is basically the Liverpool manager x10, and it is pretty great. One thing the account excels at is making jokes about Rodgers’ fondness for purchasing Southampton players.

And in a brilliant exchange with the south coast club this evening, their relationship finally reached breaking point.


You can’t keep a good parody account down though, and Deluded Brendan had the last word.

No doubt the account’s owner reacted to the blocking with the Brendan Rodgers Bond villain cackle.

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