Sky Sports live blog update at full-time sums up Ireland mess 4 years ago

Sky Sports live blog update at full-time sums up Ireland mess

Harsh, but not entirely false.

You may have already forgotten, but the Republic of Ireland played out an awful goalless draw with Denmark on Monday night. Martin O'Neill's side didn't have a shot on target in the Uefa Nations League tie in Aarhus.


They camped on their 18-yard line and allowed the hosts to dominate proceedings.

Callum O'Dowda had nine touches in the first half. Jeff Hendrick won the man of the match award. Cyrus Christie played in midfield.


It was the worst Ireland game since last Thursday - when they played out another horrible goalless draw with Northern Ireland.

Regardless of the result, Denmark would have been promoted from the Nations League group and Ireland would be relegated.

Yet, even with nothing to lose, O'Neill's team still played without any ambition or cohesion.

It was almost as though they only found out the starting line-up an hour before the game.


On Sky Sports following the game, Scott Minto, who was presenting the coverage, did his utmost to put a positive spin on the previous 90 minutes.

The former Chelsea and West Ham United defender said it was a "good point" for Ireland


Minto's job was to spark debate among the pundits on the coverage - Phil Babb and Jonathan Walters. So, maybe that's why he repeatedly said that it was a good result for Ireland.

On Sky Sports' live blog, they weren't as positive. The person tasked with covering the match had clearly had enough by full-time. They wrote like someone who had lost hours of their life to watch a game so bad it was almost offensive.

On the live blog at the final whistle, it read:


"In truth, this was a game that could put you off football for life.

"28 shots in the game, just one on target. Denmark dominated territory but had no desire to win while Ireland defended in numbers and offered nothing in attack.

"That's four games in a row they've failed to score. A game that everyone has already forgotten about."

While it may seem harsh, if Denmark versus Ireland was your first experience of football as a sport, you wouldn't be in a rush to watch another game.

Ireland haven't scored in their last four games - their worst run in front of goal since 1996.