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29th Jun 2024

Sir Jim Ratcliffe says the big six should have more rights than the rest of the Premier League

Callum Boyle

Yeah, sounds totally fair

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has sensationally claimed that the ‘big six’ clubs should have more voting rights than the rest of the Premier League.

Ratcliffe gave a rare in-person interview with Bloomberg in which he outlined his vision for Manchester United going forward.

The minority stake holder – who oversees the footballing side of operations – has caused a stir with some of his comments and was accused of disregarding the women’s team after saying that he currently had no plans for them as he was too focused on the men’s team.

There was also discussion about plans for Old Trafford going forward however the INEOS billionaire risked causing further animosity by claiming United and the other five clubs who are labelled the ‘big six’ should be given more of a say than the remaining 14 teams.

He said: The Premier League need to be careful that the top six clubs are not disadvantaged, they don’t get a reasonably strong say. At the end of the day it’s those six clubs that drive interest in the league, that’s what the world is interested in.”

Fans of opposition clubs react angrily to Ratcliffe’s comments

It goes without saying, but those comments made by Ratcliffe really did rile up the rest of the Premier League.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Fans of other clubs were quick to condemn the 71-year-old’s comments on X. One user said: “What utter nonsense, each club should have an equal say.

Another added: “Without the other teams there is no league. Just let the top six play each other every week. The shine will soom wear off. And one of them has to finish bottom.

“They have enough influence already.. Get in the bin,” stated a third.

This person said: “One club one vote, if you don’t like it go make your Super League.”

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