Simon Jordan accuses Gary Neville of hypocrisy over stance on Super League and fan protests 1 year ago

Simon Jordan accuses Gary Neville of hypocrisy over stance on Super League and fan protests

"There’s a greed & hypocrisy across football embodied by people like Gary."

Simon Jordan has launched a scathing attack on pundit Gary Neville, saying that he "embodies" the greed and hypocrisy in football.


Speaking on talkSPORT, the former Crystal Palace owner was addressing Neville's comments in the aftermath of Manchester United fans breaking into Old Trafford on Sunday in protest against the Glazer family who own the club. The fans' actions caused United's game with rivals Liverpool to be postponed.

Neville has been extremely vocal in his criticism of the Glazer family ever since their involvement in the Super League fiasco in April. But Jordan, who has never been one to shy away from giving an opinion, sounds like he's had enough of hearing from Gary. On his radio show, Jordan said:

"I don't care what people like Gary Neville come out with, calling on a lynch mob and start to talk about the fact that this is an entitlement for fans to do.

"No way is there an entitlement to attack police officers, no way is there an entitlement to break onto a football pitch, climb on football goals, break into hospitality, smash up environments, purely and simply because you think you've got a cause."

Jordan went on to criticise United fans, labelling their criticism of the Glazers as hypocritical.


He said: "The hypocrisy of the argument that ‘football isn’t all about money’ while you make it all about money, because it’s all about how the Glazers are taking money."

Jordan then went on to criticise Gary Neville's ownership of Salford, saying that "he [Neville] got a billionaire owner [Peter Lim] in there that's funding Salford, that to my mind are losing money left, right and centre and probably breach financial fair play."

The businessman said that the debates and issues around football club ownership are "being utilised by Gary to advance a soapbox wrapped in hypocrisy."


Well we await Gary Neville's response with baited breath now.