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25th Aug 2023

Alan Shearer says lack of leadership at Man United is “embarrassing”

Lee Costello

Man United

“It was all pretty embarrassing.”

Alan Shearer has ripped into Man United, claiming that the lack of leadership at the football club is “embarrassing” and that their actions recently have been “very poor.”

United have been in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons in recent months, starting from their terrible handling of the Mason Greenwood situation.

Greenwood was being charged for domestic abuse before those charges were dropped, and despite protests from the fans, the club were set to bring the player back into the squad.

This caused a backlash that eventually saw them make a U-turn on this decision, but in terms of their reputation, it’s only damaged them.

Speaking on the Rest Is Football podcast, the former Newcastle striker said: “I think it’s been handled terribly from their side. The length of time that it took [to investigate] to then leaking it out last week that they were thinking of bringing him back into the fold.

“Seeing and hearing the reaction that it got, they suddenly then had to change their mind. And then there’s the wording of the statement, it was all pretty embarrassing.”

Even the fact that the fans have been demanding that the Glazers leave Old Trafford and sell the club for years, has been a constant distraction off the pitch.

Now that the club is for sale, they still cant seem to get the deal done, and look as incompetent as ever.

“When I look at Manchester United at this moment in time, you look at the lack of leadership. You’ve got half of the [Glazer] family wanting to sell, some of the others not wanting to sell.

“They put the club up for sale a while ago now and then had a deadline for people to come in and make their offers.

“From that point of view, the lack of leadership from the very top… and then when that statement came out the other day, it was very poor on their part.

“There was a complete lack of leadership.”

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