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08th Oct 2015

Shamrock Rovers may gain a few German fans after this genius move


Ben Kiely

There’s probably going to be a few unusual accents in the crowd at Tallaght stadium tomorrow, and I’m not talking about the Dundalk supporters.

Zee Germans are in Dublin for the Euro 2016 qualifiers and Shamrock Rovers are trying their best to make them fans of the greatest league in the world.

Rovers handed out 1,500 leaflets welcoming the German support to the country while advertising their clash against the league leaders in Tallaght Stadium on Friday. The leaflets were completely in German and included all the vital information someone who isn’t familiar with Dublin would need including directions to the ground and how much the bus fare is.

The flipside of this stunt is that it will only serve to annoy Dundalk fans more.

The Lilywhites have a chance of retaining their league title with a win against the Hoops, but their support was only allocated 800 tickets for the clash which were quickly snapped up by season ticket holders.

Dundalk supporters were also warned that they will be ejected from the ground if they purchase tickets for the home sections.

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