Sergio Ramos breaks out Conor McGregor walk after Super Cup goal 4 years ago

Sergio Ramos breaks out Conor McGregor walk after Super Cup goal

Nice guys finish last. Sergio Ramos finishes first.

Whatever your personal taste is of the Spaniard, you can't deny that he's an out and out winner.


Some of the biggest winners on the planet - in history - haven't always been the most selfless of folk and Ramos is as cutthroat as the most unforgiving of them.

Perhaps he can toe the line - if we can put it generously - perhaps he really would kill his granny, if that's what the best of them need to do to live up to John Giles' description of a winner but, whatever it takes, he goes there and he goes there time and time again.

He couldn't have cared less about Liverpool's or Jurgen Klopp's complaints about his challenge on Mo Salah in the Champions League final - he was too busy polishing his five European medals - and, even as recently as Tuesday, he took a swipe at the German when asked again, just to show his disregard for his thoughts.

"Klopp will be wanting to explain why he lost the final but it's not the first that he has lost so it doesn't matter," Ramos said.

"In fact, when we voted on the best managers, I voted for him so he just can relax a little bit."


And he doesn't even miss Ronaldo anymore either.

In the absence of the greatest goalscorer football has ever seen, the Real Madrid captain has been promoted to penalty duties and he slotted one nervelessly into the bottom right corner during the second half of the Super Cup against Atletico Madrid.

Cue; The McGregor.


Sergio Ramos and Conor McGregor. Confidence? Arrogance?

Serial winners.