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03rd Feb 2023

Sean Dyche made all of his players write down their problems at Everton

Lee Costello

Sean Dyche

“I just want feedback, honest feedback.”

Sean Dyche made all of his players write down the issues and problems at Everton in an attempt to figure out why the club is in the situation that it is currently in.

The Toffees are currently fighting a relegation battle and following the sacking of Frank Lampard, Dyche has been charged with the task of pulling them out of this hole.

His first official day was Monday and, after introducing himself to the squad, Dyche handed out a piece of paper to them all with three simple questions. All answers were kept anonymous and he received replies from all bar two players.

“It was just feedback on where it is all at – what is your opinion of it and just trying to be as open ended as possible,” Dyche explained.

“By giving a question, you can sometimes guide people to a place. It wasn’t about that – it was dead short, as simple as possible.

‘They had an option as well. You don’t have to fill it in, you are not under any obligation and I definitely don’t want your names on it. I just want feedback, honest feedback, anything you want that you think is relevant.

“Often, when I have done this before, similar themes come back and I said: ‘Right – that is what we have to look at.’ There were only two out of the whole group who didn’t respond and I will do a similar thing with the staff as well.

“I haven’t done that yet, we have been cramming a lot in!

“The thing with 360 degree feedback, as they call it in the business world, is that you have to be ready for the feedback. It is not always great but you have to be open minded.

“That is all it was. A kind of business crossover, switchover that I had learnt about in business and why they do it.’

“You have to have alignment,’ said Dyche. ‘You need the finance in place but the things that get overlooked is they have to be better than what we have here.

“I’ve never been one for signing players for the sake of signing them and never see them again. There are good players here – believe me.”

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