"Big Scottie and Molumby were getting a wee bit carried away... wanting a fight" - John McGinn 2 months ago

"Big Scottie and Molumby were getting a wee bit carried away... wanting a fight" - John McGinn

"Yeah, it was a bit feisty."

Scotland were humbled on their June visit to face Ireland, at Aviva Stadium, and Jayson Molumby eclipsed Manchester United star Scott McTominay, on the day.


At Hampden Park, on Saturday evening, McTominay and Molumby squared off again. Although it was the Scottish midfielder that left the pitch a winner, Molumby acquitted himself well on the international stage again.

The West Brom man was a nuisance to the Scots all night and got right up into their faces, and around their heels. Josh Cullen and Jason Knight, who both had run-ins with Scott McTominay, did well for that first 70 minutes, but Molumby and Nathan Collins were the best Irish players on show.

McTominay will be more content with himself today than he was after that Dublin defeat, but Molumby did not let him or Callum McGregor dictate all the terms. He bite into a number of challenges, legally and illegally. The Irish midfielder was getting so many scoldings from the referee and the Scottish players that it needed a triple-check to confirm he was not one of the seven players booked on the night.

Not long before the final whistle, McTominay and Knight got to grips with each other in a minor skirmish that saw him, Jack Hendry and Robbie Brady all booked. This was a grudge match, indeed, but there were handshakes and kinder words at full-time.


Following the 2-1 win for Scotland, John McGinn spoke of the intensity of the entertaining Nations League clash, and his pride and getting the win, as captain, with Andy Robertson out of the tie. He told Premier Sports:

"Aye, aye, it was getting a bit feisty but both teams just wanted to win.

"Big Scottie and Molumby, all night, they were getting a wee bit carried away; wanting a wee fight. But it was all handbags at the end [when McTominay and Knight clashed] and it helped us play the clock down."

"A sold-out night at Hampden and a win over Ireland, on the night of my 50th cap, it is something I will never forget."


Ireland now need to avoid defeat to Armenia to avoid relegations from Nations League Group B. A similar result for the Scots will see them promoted to Group A, ahead of Ukraine.