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20th Dec 2022

Lisandro Martinez had the best reaction to Salt Bae’s World Cup final antics

Steve Hopkins

Lisandro Martinez

‘Only the players and staff who worked their asses off to become champions have that right’

Lisandro Martinez and Angel Di Maria had every right to be asking how on earth this lad made it into the hub of their celebrations.

Salt Bae – who people have only just stopped rinsing for the way Lionel Messi snubbed him at the World Cup – is now being criticised for breaking a golden FIFA rule while on the pitch following Argentina’s win.

The Turkish chef, real name Nusret Gokce – was seen on the pitch after Argentina beat France in a penalty shoot-out to secure the trophy for the first time since 1986.

The chef, social-media-famous for his pinch of salt gesture, posed alongside Argentina players, bit into a medal, held the World Cup trophy, which is forbidden by FIFA, and even kissed it.

The 18-carat gold trophy is estimated to be worth around £17.7million and FIFA’s website states only winners of the World Cup and heads of state are meant to touch it.

“The original FIFA World Cup Trophy can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup and heads of state,” FIFA rules state.

Lisandro Martinez had nest reaction

Salt Bae uploaded several photos with the Argentina players and the trophy, even recording a video doing his signature pinch of salt finish on it.

Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez looked fit to spit, while Angel Di Maria was clearly giving ‘WTF’ vibes to those around him:

‘Do you know how disrespectful that is?’

Instagram users were aghast at the chef’s intrusion on what was a huge moment for the Argentinian players.

“You shouldn’t have touch the cup bro, only the champions, their family and staff who have worked hard have the right to be on the ground with the cup,” one wrote.

“And how dare you bite a champion’s medal in your mouth. Shame on you!”

Another said: “Yo, you put that player’s medal in your mouth?! Do you know how disrespectful that is? You should be above clout chasing.”

A third person added: “That World Cup is sacred and should never be touched by anyone other than those who have earned it – players, their parents, coaches, staff, maybe FIFA executives and great legends of the past from countries who aren’t strong enough to win.”

“Unfollowing you, you shouldn’t have touched that trophy only the players and staff who worked their asses off to become champions have that right. You only want attention,” one of the chef’s followers wrote.

On Monday, much was made of the way Messi tried to ignore the chef’s advances after the game, with Salt Bae pursuing him through the crowd and grabbing at his arm to force a handshake picture.

Salt Bae rose to fame in 2017 after becoming a social media sensation thanks to his unorthodox seasoning method and now owns a global chain of steakhouses.

Salt Bae isn’t the only celebrity who has been allowed to touch the trophy. Rhianna famously got her hands on the World Cup after Germany’s win in 2014. The pop star was pictured with the solid-gold prize seized in her hands, with reports at the time suggesting she had kissed the trophy.

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