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22nd Aug 2018

Sadio Mané on why he copies his teammates’ goal celebrations

The Liverpool winger has been spotted imitating the same celebration as his teammates on several occasions, but he claims to have invented them all

Reuben Pinder

Sadio Mané loves a goal

He also loves a goal celebration. The Liverpool winger has already racked up three goals in two games so far this season, although his celebrations remained tame.

He does have a record, however, of appearing to copy his teammates’ celebrations. Roberto Firmino’s kung-fu kick, the gun fingers; there are several examples of Mané imitating the celebration of the goalscorer – usually Firmino.

However, all it is not as it seems. When speaking to Copa 90, the Liverpool forward was asked to explain the truth behind this trend, and Mané explained that his Liverpool teammates are actually copying him. 

“The fans deserve to know the truth,” he said in an exclusive interview with Copa90 . “Firmino copies me, not me copying him!

“The kick was me. We try it in training. He scored and I was behind him, and he did it.

“The dance with Philippe and Bobby was mine too!”

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