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18th Apr 2023

Ryan Reynolds eyes up second team he’d like to buy after Wrexham

Callum Boyle

Ryan Reynolds

Wrexham are set to return to the Football League imminently

Ryan Reynolds is eyeing up his next sports team he would like to purchase to add to his portfolio.

The Hollywood actor bought Wrexham with Rob McElhenney back in February 2021, where they have proved to be hugely successful.

Under their guidance the National League side look on course to return to the Football League for the first time since 2008.

Both have been praised for their work and devotion to the club and while riding the crest of a wave, Reynolds has set his sights on adding another sports team to his portfolio.

Reynolds has made no secret of his admiration for his local side Ottawa Senators, his local hockey side growing up, and openly admitted that he was interested in buying them.

Speaking on the Tonight Show in November, he said: “I am trying to do it.

“But it’s very expensive. I need a partner with very deep pockets.

“It’s called a consortium when you form a group together to buy an entity. It’s a fancy way of saying I need a sugar mummy or a sugar daddy.”

Whether Reynolds’ partner Blake Lively backs his decision is another thing after the Gossip Girl star was initially apprehensive about his decision to buy Wrexham.

When asked how Lively reacted, Reynolds said: “Not good, Rob. Not great. We’re still working through that one.”

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