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20th Mar 2023

Roy Keane cracks Irish joke at his own expense during Usain Bolt exchange

Robert Redmond

roy keane

“That’s just my DNA, unfortunately!”

Roy Keane cracked a joke about his ‘angry’ playing style while alongside Usain Bolt at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Keane was covering Manchester United’s 3-1 victory over Fulham in the FA Cup and Bolt briefly joined ITV’s coverage.

The Jamaican sprinter won eight Olympic gold medals and still holds the record for the fastest 100m run in history.

Bolt is also a diehard Man United supporter and attempted to forge a career in professional football after retiring from athletics.

Roy Keane and Usain Bolt exchange on ITV.

At Old Trafford, the former sprinter, 36, spoke about his love of the Red Devils and said Ruud van Nistelrooy was his favourite Man United player.

He also spoke about his respect for ex-Man United captain Keane.

The Irishman said the respect was mutual before cracking a joke at his own expense.

Keane said that he wished that he was as laid-back as Bolt, suggesting he would have enjoyed his playing career more if he had been.

“I think you’ve said the respect towards me and what I’ve kind of done,” he said.

“Listen, it goes the other way of huge respect for you and I wish I kind of had your laid-back side!

“But me being Irish, I was angry most of the time,” Keane quipped.

“That’s just my DNA, unfortunately!”

Keane’s self-deprecating joke brought a big laugh from Bolt, presenter Mark Pougatch and pundits Karen Carney and Ian Wright.

The Jamaican sprinter then spoke about his love of football, and how he enjoyed being on a relay team as it mirrored the dynamics of a football team.

You can watch the clip below, with the exchange between Keane and Bolt coming at the three-minute mark.

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