Roy Keane stops just short of wishing England best of luck in women's World Cup final 3 months ago

Roy Keane stops just short of wishing England best of luck in women's World Cup final

The boys teed him up lovely for this one.

Jamie Redknapp and Andros Townsend had said their piece. The two boys had already got one over on Roy Keane when, as ex-Spurs players, they watched their former team walk all over Manchester United at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.


Then they came back for more.

As Irish people, and it works both ways to be fair, some of us find it hard to wish our nearest neighbours and closest rivals England well. No matter what the stakes are.

And the Sky Sports panel used this knowledge to good effect on Sunday, as, after their analysis of Man United-Spurs, they took a brief moment to wish the England women well in the World Cup final against Spain, which kicks off at 11am on Sunday morning.

"These girls are inspiring generations," said Jamie Redknapp.


"The girls have done the nation proud," added Andros Townsend.

"The very best of luck from all of us," says host Dave Jones, pausing with expert comic timing.

"...all of us? (Looking at Roy)

"Come on Roy," chimes in Jamie Redknapp, "Come on the girls."


"It's a good game, yeah of course," replied Roy eventually and you'd have to say, very non-commitedly.

At least it brought a smile to his face. Because the Cork man and former Manchester United captain certainly wasn't smiling throughout the afternoon as he had to watch an incredibly poor display from his former team.


And as you would expect, he didn't hold fire.

"I think Man United are the new Spurs," declared Keane.

"Desperate, absolutely desperate. The biggest insult... I always think about teams. Teams who can't do it away from home, or players who aren't up for it away from home.

"They are a good team, they fancy it when their home fans are in front of them, they have got that support and that energy, but United go away today, second half - weak, no leadership, gave bad goals away.

"Spurs were lovely, all credit to Spurs, but it's easy to play against Man United also. I said before the game that they were poor last weak against Wolves but they got the result, and that they would be better today, and they weren't."

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