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28th Sep 2023

Roy Keane on “complete idiots” he fell out with during his managerial career

Lee Costello

Roy Keane

“No one has ever really proved me wrong.”

Man United legend Roy Keane has opened up on his time as a manager, and talks about the “complete idiots” that he has fallen out with over the years.

Speaking on the new Stick to Football podcast, Keane, Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Jamie Carragher were discussing the situation between Erik ten Hag and Jadon Sancho.

The United boss is waiting for an apology after the winger posted something on social media, but Sancho has dug his heels in and the two are still locking horns.

Neville then asked Keane if he ever had a situation like this during his time as a manager.

“I fell out with lads when I was manager of Sunderland, Ipswich and when I was working with Martin [O’Neill] with Ireland.”

“I looked back, I analysed it and I’m convinced, and I still am, that I was right. The lads I would fall out with were complete idiots who did nothing with their careers or their lives afterwards.

“So that gives me a bit of comfort. No one has ever really proved me wrong. No one has ever proved me wrong on that side of it.

“You can have discussions and arguments, but players can be wrong, obviously.”

The Red Devil’s boss is demanding an apology from the former Dortmund star, and the conflict will continue until he gets one, which prompted Neville to ask if Keane ever apologised.

“Apologise? I don’t think I did anything wrong!

“I must have said sorry in the dressing if I’d been sent off. Jokes aside, I’ve no problem apologising if I’ve done something wrong, absolutely no problem.”

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