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27th Sep 2023

“I’d be ashamed of my life” – Roy Keane weighs in on Jadon Sancho saga

Lee Costello

“My annoyance with Sancho would be…”

Roy Keane has weighed in on the ongoing saga at Manchester United between the manager Erik ten Hag and Jadon Sancho.

The young winger has been exiled from all first team facilities for posting a message on social media, where he was deemed to have undermined the manager.

Sancho will remain in exile until he apologies to the Dutchman, which has caused his stand-off between the pair, and ultimately putting the Englishman’s career on hold.

“I don’t think he is training right,’ Keane said on the Stick to Football podcast. “I have no issue with his personality.

“I am not bothered about that [a player being withdrawn], the one thing we don’t really forgive a player for… we have all worked with players who have come in, they can be grumpy or whatever, but when they are training, they are training properly.

“My annoyance with Sancho would be if he is not training properly. Whatever it is about his personality, we’re all different.

“I’d be embarrassed, I’d be ashamed of my life if the manager ever came up to me, or even spoke through the media because you get over that stuff.

“People say you can’t say stuff about the players through the media, yes you can, you can send messages out to people.”

Keane however, does see a way back for Sancho, and doesn’t think all is lost for the young star at Old Trafford.

“If you have got questions marks over this player, he is not training properly and he does turn around and show some sort of humility and says maybe I got it wrong, you can move on very quickly.

“Football dressing rooms are a strange dynamic, if a player shows they care and they are human, it’s fine. We move on quickly.”

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