Roy Keane doesn't believe the hype around 'childish' this is Anfield sign 1 year ago

Roy Keane doesn't believe the hype around 'childish' this is Anfield sign

Roy Keane doesn't have much time for the 'This is Anfield' sign, of course he doesn't.

In fact, the Cork man deems it fairly childish that, as an opposition player, Ian Wright was still excited by the prospect of touching the famous sign.


Wright, who played for Crystal Palace, Arsenal and West Ham, made sure his team-mates didn't see him acknowledging the sign that overarches the Anfield tunnel but still, as a Manchester United man, and as a famously steely competitor, Keane wasn't buying what Wrighty was selling.

It was FA Cup Wednesday and with Mark Pougatch beginning the programme in the bowls of the Anfield stadium, down in the heart of the tunnel, he came back to base asked his two panellists for their thoughts.


What followed was just a typical inter-change between Wright and Keane, who could easily make it in the world of comedic duos.


"It is iconic, it's an unbelievable pitch. I had to touch it!

"I didn't want my team-mates to see, because I didn't want them to feel it was disrespectful. It wasn't disrespectful, I just wanted to touch that sign."


Keane responded by saying Wright's fawning over the sign was childish before asking him what benefit he got out of it. Period.

The lads were on duty for Liverpool's 2-1 win over Norwich and, with Takumi Minamino the star of the show, having scored both Liverpool goals, Keane was impressed by the Japanese international's sharpness given his lack of match practice. That was in direct contrast to his verdict on Jack Grealish the night previous, when Keane called on the Man City midfielder to grow up.

"Jack’s obviously had a few injury problems. He’s been criticised a little bit for his off-the-field stuff.

"I think what Jack has to do now is grow up and start showing what he’s about and get the trust of Pep (Guardiola).


"He probably hasn’t got that yet. The same for England, Gareth (Southgate), I don’t think he trusts him that much yet, so it’s a good opportunity for Jack to come in.