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08th Dec 2022

Roy Keane stunned by Micah Richards’ stance on Brazil dancing celebration

Robert Redmond

roy keane brazil micah richards

“You’re putting me off my food now.”

Roy Keane has doubled down on his comments about Brazil’s dancing celebrations during their 4-1 win over South Korea.

The South American side celebrated each goal they scored by performing a dance routine. Tite, the team’s manager 61-year-old manager, even joined in for one of the celebrations.

Keane was covering the game for ITV and was critical of the team and their manager. The former Manchester United captain said that they ‘disrespected’ their opponents.

“It’s like watching Strictly. I can’t believe what I’m watching,” the Irishman said.

“I think it’s disrespectful dancing like that every time they score. I don’t mind the first jig, or whatever it was, for the first goal, but not every time. It’s disrespectful.”

Keane’s comments have been widely-reported in Brazil, and have not been well-received. Brazil midfielder Lucas Paquetá rejected claims that they disrespected South Korea.

The team’s coach Tite refused to even respond to Keane’s comments, saying: “I’m sorry and I won’t talk about those who don’t know the history and culture of Brazil.”

Keane has had a few days to change his stance. The former Sunderland manager, however, doubled down on his comments when speaking to Gary Neville and Micah Richards.

“I love watching Brazil and what they stand for,” Keane told Sky Bet.

“When you think of the World Cup you think of Brazil, I love watching them because they are brilliant at football, but not when they are dancing, or the manager starts dancing, it’s not okay, it’s not respectful.

“Respect your teammates and your opposition. A manager doing a dance on the sideline, you think that’s okay?”

Neville and Richards shared the opinion that Brazil’s dancing after celebrations stemmed from their culture, rather than as an act to demean their opponents.

Keane, however, was flabbergasted that both pundits had no issue with the Brazil manager dancing with the players on the sideline.

“I don’t think they were doing it as a sign of disrespect,” Richards said. “I think it was a sign of enjoying the moment.”

“Dance afterwards, dance in the dressing room, dance in a nightclub later on,” Keane said.

“Why do we go, ‘Oh it’s Brazil, it’s alright for them to do it.’ Why don’t all the other countries do it?!”

“I don’t get how a manager can dance when the game is still going ahead,” Keane continued.

“He’s got an opposition manager 10 yards away from him, you’ve got to watch that. The game is about respect.

“Dance afterwards in the dressing room, or in the nightclub, that’s not a problem, but why is it okay for Brazil to do it during the game? If everyone has a dance after a goal, the games will be going on for three days.

“Do you know what they should start doing, when coaches do their pro licence, show the managers how to do a little dance on the sideline, forget tactics!”

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