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06th Nov 2015

VIDEO: Ronaldo opens up about his great rivalry with Messi

Famous foes...

Nooruddean Choudry

They are one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all-time.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – rarely if ever have two players of such immense skill and influence excelled in parallel. They are up there with Prost vs Senna, Borg vs McEnroe and Ali vs Frasier.

In an exclusive interview with BT Sport, Ronaldo talks frankly about his great rivalry with his Argentine foe, and suggests that the healthy competition has been a good thing, rather than a hindrance.

“I want more and more, I still have many years to play football, and I want to win more things,” said the Real Madrid ace. “I’m always motivated, I don’t need other players to motivate myself.”

“Messi is an unbelievable player, and maybe it pushes me more, harder to be better and better. But the people who know me, know I’m always like that, I try to be the best professional in my job, I try to be the best all the time.

“But sometimes it’s not possible because we are human beings, we are not machines. But in my mind I’m the best and I work like the best. This is the way I see my life till the end of my life, this is what I want and what I want to be.”

 To watch the full interview tune into BT Sport Europe at 10pm this Sunday.

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