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19th May 2015

Ronaldo got a right dressing down for his hat-trick celebrations after Barcelona won La Liga

The Real Madrid star was a little too happy post-match

Patrick McCarry

Rough translation: Wind yer neck in, we’ve just lost the bloody league title.

Cistiano Ronaldo is a self-made superstar and a player who openly admits to be driven by personal quest to be remembered as one of the world’s greatest footballers.

Occasionally, as can be seen in his non-celebration of teammates’ goals, his sense of self gets the better of him.

Still, Ronaldo’s talent has brought both Manchester United and Real Madrid a lot of glory.

On Sunday, Ronaldo appeared to be tickled pink by his latest La Liga hat-trick, against Espanyol. He called for the match ball, chased after it and stood near the sideline, ball under his arm, while his Real colleagues walked over to applaud their fans in the away section.

Barcelona’s away victory over Atletico Madrid had secured them the league title so, when approached by teammate Pepé, Ronaldo was advised to ratchet back his beaming smile a tooth or two.

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