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25th Jun 2015

Robert Huth destroyed Jon Walters with one of the best football jokes we’ve ever seen

Will Slattery

Robert Huth has to be the funniest German person in history, right?

The former Stoke City, and now Leicester City, defender has always shown a cheeky personality on social media, challenging the stereotype that German people are all humourless robots whose laughter muscles have atrophied afters years of disuse.

Yesterday, it was announced that Huth will join the Foxes permanently, and he tweeted out this goodbye.

This prompted his friend Jon Walters to get all wistful, and things started off very bromantically between the duo.

Walters then made a small joke at Huth’s expense, and as Germans often do, he escalated things dramatically (but more importantly, hilariously).

Huth displayed the kind of wit there that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tarantino movie. Any chance of a sequel to Inglorious Basterds where they fight in another basement?


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