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10th Oct 2017

Robbie Savage being forced to face up to provocative comments about Ireland

Ben Kiely

Robbie Savage

Something tells us Robbie Savage might regret what he said during his recent visit to Ireland.

Wales’ dream of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup has been ended by a lionhearted Republic of Ireland team. The Boys In Green have a penchant for defying the odds and they continued this trend by beating a higher ranked team in the Lion’s Den in a crucial Monday night match.

The spirited away team did everything right, but it was that calm James McClean finish brilliantly set up by Jeff Hendrick and Harry Arter that sealed the sarcophagus shut on Wales’ World Cup aspirations.

There won’t be much international football of note for the Welsh to look forward to next summer, but if the Irish get through the playoffs, it will be party time during the warmer months of 2018 this side of the Irish Sea.

BT Sport pundit Robbie Savage had to give credit where it was due after seeing his beloved nation concede to the Irish.

Savage, who played under Martin O’Neill at Leicester City, praised the Ireland manager for coming good at the perfect moment. Although he criticised Wales’ defence, he admitted that it was a solid goal from McClean.

Interestingly, Savage mentioned his recent trip to Ireland after congratulating his former boss on his success.

He was quick to bring up O’Neill’s detractors, who had been criticising him for what had been an inconsistent qualifying campaign. He posed the question, what would these folks be saying tonight?

He probably should have known better than to bring up what others had said in the past because this only inspired the good people of Twitter to throw a few things he had said back in his face.

Savage infamously said that Seamus Coleman would be the only Irish player who would make it in the Welsh starting XI and that Ashley Williams was a superior player to Shane Duffy.

Fans seemed to think that the result completely dismantled Savage’s comments.

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