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09th Mar 2023

Robbie Keane finally clarifies which team he supported as a child

Lee Costello

“That thing of being a fan grew legs.”

Robbie Keane has finally clarified which football team he supported as a child growing up in Dublin, as there have been multiple reports giving multiple answers.

The Irish striker has been quoted as saying that he supported Liverpool as a youngster, and then when he made his move to Celtic, he was accused of changing his tone and saying that he always supported the Glasgow side.

Like these things usually do, it became an exaggerated meme on social media, where the consensus was that Keane simply claimed to support every club that he moved to – and that’s a lot of clubs.

Robbie Keane

Speaking on the We are Liverpool podcast, Robbie Fowler teased his ex-Leeds teammate Keane with “we’ve all read the interviews, when you signed for Liverpool you were a supporter growing up, when you signed for Celtic you were a supporter growing up, when you signed for LA you were an LA fan.”

The Republic of Ireland legend laughed it off, and clarified his relationship with Celtic and Liverpool as a young boy.

“I can never understand this! In Ireland, you are brought up, as in like, you are given Celtic. That is just the way it is.

Robbie Keane

“And then you always have an English team, that is completely normal in Ireland. You ask anyone, you’d have loads of Liverpool fans now going to watch Celtic games, so that thing of being a fan grew legs.

“You are brought up Celtic, you are actually given Celtic, and then you pick your team in England. It was great, it’s a fantastic club, playing in front of them fans is hard to describe.

“Liverpool and Celtic fans are very, very similar, in terms of the atmosphere and noise in the games. It was a really great experience that I really enjoyed.

“I was only there a few months, but having the opportunity to play for Celtic was great.”

In fairness to Keane, most Irish people know exactly where he’s coming from, but it’s still funnier to assume that he simply changed his allegiance every year.

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