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18th Feb 2015

Richie Sadlier and Kenny Cunningham have priceless RTÉ spat over Ronaldo’s birthday

Classic television from the gang at Montrose


Kenny must not have received an invite.

Such was the one-sided nature of Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Schalke 04 this evening that Kenny Cunningham and Richie Sadlier found time, on RTÉ, to argue about Cristiano Ronaldo’s 30th birthday party.

The Real star was barracked and booed by his own fans following his decision, two weeks back, to push on with his birthday celebrations, hours after his side had been hammered 4-0 by Atletico in the Madrid derby.

Sadlier derided the criticism of the Portuguese international as “garbage” but Cunningham was itching for a fight. The former Ireland defender said Ronaldo was naive in thinking his party would not upset the Real faithful.

Cunningham even went so far as to suggest Ronaldo should have postponed his party by a week as Real were up against inferior opposition, Cordoba. Sadlier laughed that off, remarking that Ronaldo had already invited family and friends over from Madeira – his island home – to help him celebrate.

Cunningham hit back with a doozy. After suggesting Real fans would have been in tears after their side’s defeat, he added, ‘They went home and switched on the TV, social media and he’s [Ronaldo] clinking champagne glasses.’

Finally, sensibly, Liam Brady chipped in to end the back-and-forth. He stated Ronaldo had been somewhat naive but added, ‘He scored tonight so no-one cares.’ Well said Chippy.

Brady the Godfather

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