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26th Jun 2016

Richard Osman makes Brexit gag of the Euros before Ireland vs France

Tough crowd

Ben Kiely

Everyone loves a good Brexit gag, right?

Britain let their voices be heard this week as they voted to exit the EU in a landmark referendum.

After such a seismic decision was made by the British electorate, or rather, the ones who were not put off by the weather and actually showed up to vote, the jokes have been coming in thick and fast. The greatest league in the world have even been getting in on the action.

However, the coveted prize for best football-related Brexit gag must go to long-suffering Fulham supporter and Pointless host Richard Osman, who gave us this gem before Ireland exited the Euros at the hands of France.

While the good people of Twitter generally appreciated the humour, it seems that the wound was still a tad fresh for some.

At least this guy got it!

There’s hope for humanity yet.


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