Richard Keys tears into Gary Neville over 'nonsense' new book 1 month ago

Richard Keys tears into Gary Neville over 'nonsense' new book

Keys is going after Neville once again.

Richard Keys has once again taken aim at Gary Neville by labelling the former Manchester United captain's new book as 'nonsense'.


Neville recently revealed that he would be releasing 'The People's Game: A View from The Front Seat in Football' in September.

However, the announcement has not gone down well with everyone, with Keys criticising the former England international's book. He appeared to suggest that Neville was a hypocrite, given that he owns Salford City along with the 'Class of 92'.

Since the takeover of Salford was complete, the Ammies have progressed through the leagues and gained promotion to the Football League.


Keys takes aim at Neville

Responding to Neville's announcement, Keys said: "Nonsense. If it really was The People's Game the author wouldn't be a multi-millionaire nor own a football club lower down the pyramid that totally distorts wage structures."


It is not the first time that Keys and Neville have clashed, with the pair arguing about BT Sport's coverage of the Champions League final in May.

Neville criticised the lack of pre-match focus on the chaos outside the Stade de France in Paris, which saw Liverpool supporters tear-gassed by the police and kick-off delayed on three occasions.

Following the former Red Devils man's comments, Keys was quick to defend the broadcaster, before noting that Neville was part of the Sky Sports line-up which covered the unrest at Old Trafford in April 2021.

"F**k me Gary, is there nothing you're not an expert on?" Keys tweeted. "I've worked with guys BT Sport & they're top pros as Jake Humphrey has said.


'I'm quite certain Saturday was a challenging night for everyone. Just like covering the OT riot you instigated & covered badly at Sky."


In his announcement, Neville provided his LinkedIn followers with an insight into the book, writing: "Incredibly excited to announce my new book 'The People's Game: A View From The Front Seat in Football'. Last year when the European Super League was announced, it felt like football was being taken away from the fans.


"I believed football as we knew it has been changing, and as I became more passionate about the wider game in the last few years, I wanted to take a deep dive into how we view football, the roles that the game and clubs involved play in our society and the issues we're all seeing in the sport today.

"It feels like the right time to be sharing this book, bringing together my views as well as those shared by the contributors and fans who have all been kind enough to give their opinions on each of the topics we've covered within the book.

"I hope you all enjoy it."