Rhodhri Giggs slates former United defender Phil Neville 4 years ago

Rhodhri Giggs slates former United defender Phil Neville

Rhodhri Giggs, brother of former Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs, has gone through his sibling's Champions League winning team from 1999 and provided some brief character summaries on some of Giggs' former teammates.

Rhodhri starred in a brilliant Paddy Power advert last week poking fun at Ryan's eight-year affair with his ex-wife Natasha and now the 41-year-old has revealed who he liked and disliked from United's treble winning side.


He said that he always got on well with Gary Neville, he added that David Beckham was a top, top bloke despite his level of fame and he added that Dwight Yorke was a good guy but a party animal.

However, he had some interesting takes on both Roy Keane and Phil Neville in his Paddy Power blog.

On Keane he noted:

"I like Keano. He’s a strange character, but not in a bad way. He keeps himself to himself, but I always liked him when I met him off the pitch.

He’s a bit of a comedian. He’s a bit like a Conor McGregor, I suppose; he’s got the mouth, but he can back it up."


On Neville:

"Pass. I don’t like him. Never liked him. As I person I think he’s rude. Never liked him, never spoke to him and never will."


Rhodhri's tongue-in-cheek loyalty ad went viral last week but he said that he thinks that his brother will eventually get a laugh out of the skit.


“I’m sure, after the initial defensiveness, he’ll have a laugh about it. It’s funny," Rhodhri told Paddy Power.

“The whole thing is just me poking fun at the situation because I’m over it. I’m not in the dark place I was years ago, I’ve moved on, he’s moved on, my ex-wife has moved on.”