Jamie Carragher hits out at 'corrupt' Qatar World Cup 4 months ago

Jamie Carragher hits out at 'corrupt' Qatar World Cup

'It's an absolute disgrace.'

Jamie Carragher has said that it is "corrupt" that Qatar is allowed to host the World Cup this year.


Carragher has been a vocal critic of the decision to award the Gulf State the tournament, with many others raising serious concerns about the country's human rights issues.

The former Liverpool defender questioned the moral decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar and also expressed his concerns about the health of players, with many suffering injuries.

One of those includes Heung-min Son, who was substituted after becoming concussed during Tottenham's win against Marseille on Tuesday night.

"I think it's an absolute disgrace that the World Cup is in the position that it's in," he said on CBS Sports.


"For lots of reasons. I think that it was corrupt that Qatar were given the World Cup, and we knew at the time when they campaigned on having it in the summer, it was impossible to have a World Cup in the summer due to the temperature.

"Thierry [Henry] just mentioned Gavi, players all around Europe and the world could get injured... a ten day injury is going to keep players out of the World Cup, which should not be happening, and it all started with FIFA giving them the World Cup in the first place.


"Then they're moving it and obviously, the stuff that goes on in their countries are a completely different issue as well. But I think it's absolutely disgusting."

This year's World Cup will be the first to be held during the European summer as FIFA pushed the tournament back to November and December due to the intense heat Qatar endures in the months of June and July.

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