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10th May 2018

The Premier League clubs whose fans consume the most alcohol have been revealed

Different drinks for different... teams

Reuben Pinder

Premier League club

Different drinks for different… teams

Some match-going football fans enjoy a drink or two before the game, maybe another at half-time to accompany the breakdown of the first half, and another at the pub afterwards for the post-mortem. Other fans prefer to watch the game stone cold sober, with a clear mind so they can fully take in the match.

Drinking levels at stadiums in the Premier League differ from ground to ground, as you might expect, with varying prices, and levels of stress that fans are put under by their teams performances. set out to discover which fanbase drinks the most on match days, so conducted some research to get to the bottom of it. 2,400 adults were quizzed, all of whom support Premier League clubs, as part of the research. The results may surprise you.

Everton fans lead the way, with Toffees fans consuming an average of 43 units per week, closely followed by Crystal Palace fans on 40 units and Chelsea fans, who drink 35 units per week on average. The rest of the drinking league table is as follows:

1. Everton – 43 units (on average)

2. Crystal Palace – 40 units

3. Chelsea – 35 units

4. Tottenham – 34 units

5. Man Utd – 31 units

6. Stoke City – 30 units

7. Burnley – 26 units

8. Man City – 25 units

9. Liverpool – 23 units

10. Arsenal – 21 units

11. West Brom – 18 units

12. Newcastle – 17 units

13. Swansea – 15 units

14. Huddersfield – 10 units

15. West Ham – 10 units

16. Watford – 8 units

17. Southampton – 6 units

18. Brighton – 6 units

19. Bournemouth – 5 units

20. Leicester – 4 units

Incredibly, a staggering 89% of participants responded ‘yes’ when asked whether they always drank alcohol when they watched their football team play (either on TV or in person).

21% of fans asked said they prefer to watch football in the pub, citing how easy it was to drink while watching the games in comparison to getting a drink at their team’s stadium.

It’s hard to read into the stark contrast between the fanbases who drink the most and those who drink the least. Maybe it says something about the unrealistic pressures that fans put on their teams. Maybe it doesn’t say anything, other than Everton fans love a drink and that Leicester fans are still hungover from the celebrations after their 2016 title win.

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