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27th Apr 2022

You’re Paul Pogba. Choose your next club

Simon Lloyd

pogba next club

Decision time.

Well, Paul Pogba, the time has come. It’s been clear for *at least* a couple of months/years now that your future lies away from Manchester United.

With your name rarely sliding out of the transfer gossip columns in recent weeks, it’s time to put the rumours to bed and settle this once and for all.

But how, you might ask, are you supposed to decide? You’re available for free, so there’s already plenty of big clubs sniffing around. You’re spoilt for choice.

pogba next club

Luckily, you’re in just the right place. Using sophisticated scientific methods (that bit might be a lie), we’ve devised a set of questions which will help determine the ideal club for you based purely on your personality.

Most questions relate to your footballing preferences; others are more about your lifestyle away from the pitch.

You are mere seconds away from learning where you’ll be plying your trade next.

You’re welcome, Paul. Good luck.

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