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26th Nov 2014

PICS: These cartoons of footballers as zombies are bloody incredible

Pity there's no room for a zombie Keano but there's probably such a thing as "too much terror"

Darragh Murphy

We’ve all done the Luis Suarez is a zombie joke at Halloween but Jaza Romero of has taken it to the next level.

The talented artist has created a project where he turns football’s superstars into brain-eating zombies and we are bloody blown away by it.

Luis Suarez 

Speaks for itself. Bite once, shame on me. Bite twice, shame on you. Bite three times, you’re a damn zombie.


Lionel Messi

Luis’ new team-mate at Barcelona who has been breaking records for fun in the last 3 days. He’s looking fairly unnerved by his new look all the same.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibra is at the top of everyone’s lists of favourite football personalities with his collection of soundbites. Dare to Z….ombie


Jose Mourinho

One of the more cerebral managers in world football and we had all wondered where he got his tactical brains from. Turns out he’s been eating them.


Mario Balotelli 

Mario had some big shoes to fill when he replaced Suarez at Anfield. We soon figured out that he couldn’t hold a candle to Luis’ goalscoring or flesh-eating talents.


 Javier Hernandez

Chicarito’s changed a bit since he left Manchester hasn’t he?


Cristiano Ronaldo

The powerhouse has got 25 goals in all competitions for Real this season and he looks absolutely tremendous with this new, green image. The cartoonist has also revealed that when his girlfriend Irina Shayk is zombie-fied, she looks a little like Georgie Thompson.



Andres Iniesta 

The midfield maestro hasn’t gone through the full transformation into zombie-land as he seems to have his Barcelona jersey almost fully intact. There is the minor problem of missing flesh on his left arm though but you’d get over that.





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