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29th Jun 2015

Pic: Mario Gotze does incredibly sound gesture for angry fan he “let down” on FIFA 15

Good man Gotze

Ben Kiely

You really didn’t have to do this, Mario.

Anyone who’s ever had more than a fleeting interest in the computer game Fifa, will know that playing the game can be one of the most frustrating things one can experience in life.

The game has the power to cause grown men to go into a child-like hissy fit, which can often lead to a controller getting launched at a wall, a piece of furniture or in extreme cases, a human being all because of some sort of virtual injustice that is obviously the fault of the game, not the player.

Despite the sudden burst of almost unquellable rage, most people tend to be sound of mind and realise that  in the grand scheme of things, what happens in a Playstation doesn’t really matter all that much.

However, one Bayern Munich fan held so much resentment towards Mario Gotze because of something his virtual likeness “made him do”, that he complained to the club on Facebook.

The fan, who is also named Mario, claimed that Gotze owed him money for a new controller after virtual Gotze missed a penalty in the 90th minute during one of his games of Fifa 15.

Hallo Mario, in der 90. Minuten einen Elfer zu verschießen, das ist mehr als bitter. Da ist man auf jeden Fall sehr…

Posted by Mario Götze on Friday, June 26, 2015

Gotze replied a few days later, and it looks like he’s sending his namesake a new controller for his troubles.

Hello Mario,

To miss a penalty in the 90th minute is a bitter moment. That makes you very frustrated and I can understand that. What happened to Thomas Muller? Do not simply throw your gamepad in the corner—that cannot do! I’ll order a small package (a small surprise) for you. Next time, I’ll do it for real. I promise!

FC Bayern Munich

All the best, Mario!

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report

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