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14th Jan 2023

Petr Cech slams Bruno Fernandes’ controversial goal on social media

Lee Costello

Petr Chech United

‘They don’t understand the game.’

Former Chelsea keeper Petr Cech takes to social media to express his disapproval of Bruno Fernandes’ goal in the Manchester derby.

United beat Manchester City 2-1, going 1-0 down to a Jack Grealish header at Old Trafford before pulling it back to get the win.

However, the Portugal star got the equaliser in controversial circumstances as Marcus Rashford was in an offside position, when he made his run through on goal, and although he seemed to have the ball in his possession he never actually touched it, and left it to the last second before Fernandes came in and finished.

Petr Chech United

The flag initially went up by the linesman but once VAR confirmed that Rashford never actually touched the ball then the goal was given.

The debate stems from the fact that the United striker may still have interfered with the play despite not touching the ball, and the interpretation around that rule.

Cech, who won the Premier League on four occasions with Chelsea, tweeted his frustration at the goal being allowed.

“The first United goal just proved the people who make the rules don’t understand the game.”

Unsurprisingly, Pep Guardiola is on the same side of the argument as Cech, and implies that the reason the decision was given was due to the fact that the game was in Old Trafford.

“Rashford was offside, Bruno Fernandes, no – intervene Rashford or not? Does it distract our keeper, and distract our central defenders, I don’t know if it’s the rule, but I know were we play”, he told BT Sport.

The City boss also questioned the officials when they decided not to give Erling Haaland a penalty following a tackle from Casemiro in the United box.

“I asked, but got no answer.”

Regardless of their reaction or disagreement to the rule, the goal does stand and it means that United are just a single point behind their Manchester neighbours in the league.

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