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13th Feb 2023

Petr Cech says playing ice hockey is ‘more fun’ than Champions League

Callum Boyle

Cech hockey

‘It’s a completely different level of pressure.’

Petr Cech has claimed that playing ice hockey is more fun than featuring in the Champions League.

After retiring from football in 2019, the former goalkeeper turned to ice hockey, joining the Guildford Phoenix in 2019. He was awarded Man of the Match and saved a penalty on his debut.

Cech continued to play while working at Chelsea as a technical advisor before leaving his role at the west London club in June, winning the treble with Guildford while committing to both jobs.

He recently signed a deal with NIHL South Division One side Chelmsford Chieftains in November and admitted that he finds the sport more fun than playing in the Champions League, a trophy he won as a player with Chelsea in 2012.

Petr Cech

Speaking to the Daily Mailhe said: “It’s a completely different level of pressure.

“This is more fun than when you play a Champions League game for everything,” he said. “I still have that feeling in myself because I want to perform. I want to win. I hate losing. It’s the same feeling I had when I played football.

“You still get that feeling when you’re walking through the corridor, to the ice, surrounded by all these people. Maybe if there were 30 fans, it would be different. But the building is full. That’s what I like.”

Playing as a goalkeeper, Cech wears the number 39 shirt in honour of Chicago Blackhawks legend Dominik Hasek.

Chelmsford are currently fifth in their respective league having lost to Invicta Dynamos on Sunday. They play MK Thunder this weekend.

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