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16th Sep 2023

Peter Crouch has “become a meme forever” after crossbar challenge disaster

Lee Costello

Peter Crouch

“Why do they make me do these things?”

Peter Crouch has unfortunately “become a meme” after his disastrous attempt at the crossbar challenge against Joe Cole live on TNT Sports.

The former Liverpool striker was on duty to help cover his old team’s match against Wolves today as a part of the early kick off.

Apart from the usual pre-match hype and interviews, TNT thought it would be a good idea to throw in a crossbar challenge between Crouch and Cole.

Things originally looked to be more embarrassing for the Chelsea legend who couldn’t seem to get any height on the ball, but on Crouchy’s third attempt, disaster struck as he fell flat on his face.

Remerging from the surface, sporting a humbled smile, the ex England forward asked: “Why do they make me do these things?

“This is why they make me do these things. I’m going to be a meme forever now. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Of course in typical Crouch fashion he took in his stride, and was more than happy to poke fun at himself as TNT showed replay after replay of the slip.

As you would expect the usual excuses were thrown around, such as the shoes they were wearing, the pitch, the surface, the time away from the game.

Unfortunately for Crouch though, although they will forever show some of his brilliant goals in highlight reels, such as his hat-trick against Arsenal, or his overhead kick against Galatasaray, something tells us that this clip will surface just as often.

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