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17th Sep 2021

Pep Guardiola refuses to apologise to Man City fans after attendance plea

Danny Jones

There may be mixed messages but Pep’s not backing down

The fan reaction after Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola called on fans for improved attendance at games wasn’t exactly in line with the usual adoration he has received in his five years at the club.

However, despite the backlash to the backlash, Pep isn’t budging on the issue and ahead of both future Champions League games and their next Premier League game this Saturday, he’s made it clear he won’t apologise for the comment either.

After a journalist brought up Kevin Parker, the General Secretary of City’s official supporters’ club, and his own comments – namely that he should “stick to coaching” and that he “doesn’t understand the difficulties” fans face, the 50-year-old clarified his own words.

He defended himself, claiming that he did not say he was “disappointed because the stadium was not full” and while it may have been interpreted that way, he is “not going to apologise” for what he said.

Moreover, he went on to say that although he was “surprised” by Parker’s response, it was not the first time he has faced such circumstances, alluding to instances during his time at Barcelona.

The Catalan coach insisted: “What I said is that we would love, because we need it, is their support”, doubling back to say that “it doesn’t matter how many people come, but I would like to invite them to enjoy another game like the last one”.

City play Southampton this weekend as Pep was quick to point out. They have had a full week to prepare for the game and he wants the Citizens to be there as he knows “how difficult it will be”.

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