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07th Sep 2023

Paul Scholes on former teammate who was a “disaster” to play with

Lee Costello

Paul Scholes

“It couldn’t happen.”

Paul Scholes has revealed that two former Manchester United teammates were difficult to play alongside, and one of them was a “disaster.”

The United legend won 11 Premier League titles with the club, and during his time there he played alongside some of the best players in the team’s history.

However, not every teammate was a dream to play with, and the dynamic in midfield can be a tricky balance to get right. Sometimes it’s not enough to have good players, as you need to have the right “blend.”

Speaking on Rio Ferdinand’s podcast, Vibe with Five, the former Red Devil admitted that he struggled to play with Juan Sebastian Veron in particular.

“We were very similar players, he was an unbelievable footballer. I loved him. The way our midfield worked, I couldn’t really play with Veron, we were both too similar.

“I played with Anderson, disaster. It couldn’t happen. I needed to have the right person next to me, Roy Keane, Nicky Butt was perfect, Michael Carrick.

“You needed to have that right blend, me and Veron together, there wasn’t going to be spacing in the same team for both of us.”

Paul Scholes on which current United star would make his legendary team.

The current United team are struggling in midfield and any of the names that Scholes mentioned there would probably make the team if they were in their prime.

However, the midfielder master was asked what current players would make the legendary sides that he played on, and he could only think of one who had a chance.

“It’s difficult because we had such a brilliant squad of players, but you think of Casemiro. Once he came into that team last year, there was a huge difference.

“The experience he had from Real Madrid, winning trophy after trophy in the best team. How it took him so long to get into the team I’ll never know. But he’s in there now.”

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