Paul Pogba believes he'll be greatest midfielder ever if he surpasses Chelsea hero 5 years ago

Paul Pogba believes he'll be greatest midfielder ever if he surpasses Chelsea hero

Paul Pogba has a somewhat unusual concept of what it takes to become the best midfielder in history.

The Juventus starlet is one of Europe's most wanted footballers. He has continued to impress for his club and he's not satisfied with just being pegged as one of the future greats, he wants to live up to that potential.


He told La Repubblica in an extensive interview that this drive to become the best the game has ever seen causes him to become emotional on occasion.

“Sometimes I play well, and sometimes I don't. That's why I get angry. I hate making mistakes. I made even more mistakes back when I played in the street, and I used to react exactly the same way. Improving, and reducing mistakes – that's what I call experience."

At the ripe young age of 23, Pogba has already won four Serie A titles, but this early success hasn't seen him lose sight of his ultimate goal.

“I've only won four Scudetti. They're not enough for me. I've always been like this, people called me crazy but I want to make history and become the strongest midfielder ever."

How does he hope to become the best ever, you ask? Well, it's not by surpassing Xavi, Diego Maradona or Zinedine Zidane. Pogba feels that if he can become a better version of Frank Lampard, he'll be the best.

“I'd like to surpass [Frank] Lampard. I want to be the midfielder who can do everything, and at the highest levels. Shooting, dribbling, scoring, defending. I want to be like Lampard, but better."


Strange choice considering that Lampard is never really in the discussion when it comes to the best players of all time. However, we can see where the logic stems from. Lampard was pretty damn solid everywhere.Click snap