Paul Ince was "disappointed" in Erik ten Hag after Man United beat Reading 1 month ago

Paul Ince was "disappointed" in Erik ten Hag after Man United beat Reading

"It disappointed me."

Former Man United star and now Reading manager Paul Ince admits that he was "disappointed" in Erik ten Hag following their FA Cup tie.


The ex-United man watched his side lose 3-1 to a resurgent Old Trafford team, and after the final whistle, everything looked gracious between the two managers.

However, Ince reveals that ten Hag's failed to offer him a curtesy that he always gave opposition managers.

Ince ten Hag

"I went straight up to see Sir Alex because I got a text from him afterwards to say "come up and see me", Ince said ahead of facing Watford this weekend.


''So myself, my wife and [his son] Thomas went up there and spent an hour with him.

"It disappointed me because none of the United staff asked me in for a glass of wine. I didn't like that, it's a lack of respect.

Ince ten Hag

"Whoever it is, win, lose or draw, you say pop in for a drink. Whether it's wine or tea it doesn't really matter.


"None of their staff did that so that was disappointing. I couldn't give a monkeys but I just pride it on myself, as a manager, whether or not you get beaten, you say come in for a glass of wine.'

Disappointment aside, Ince was full of praise for how ten Hag has managed to turn things around at his old club.

"Ten Hag in a short period of time has lifted the club,' he continued. 'The last two or three years have been tough for United fans.

"Ten Hag has started to bridge that gap. They are starting to get a presence about them. That is important, if you go back to the Fergie years there was a presence."