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27th Apr 2017

Not even the goalkeeper’s positioning could ruin this Castlebar Celtic wondergoal

That swerve

Ben Kiely

Yee-haw! It gets pretty wild out there in the west.

This week’s wondrous wondergoal of wonders comes from the west of Ireland during the clash between Castlebar Celtic FC and Ballyheane FC.

Celtic player Liam Flately picked up a bouncing ball up on the right wing. A quick look up to check the position of the defence or if there was any pass on resulted in an opportunity that he seized with both hands.

The goalkeeper had drifted into No Man’s Land, so Flately decided to unleash the Kraken and absolutely rifle the ball towards goal, on the run, with his first touch.

A swerve that looked straight out one of the early incarnations of Fifa later and the ball went crashing into the net to complete the spectacular move.

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