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22nd Sep 2020

Nigeria have outdone themselves with their Nike 2020/22 collection

Wayne Farry

Somehow, they’ve bettered their 2018 effort.

When Nike dropped their Nigeria kits for the 2018 World Cup, football fans and hipsters the world over lost their collective minds.

The home kit, which featured white sleeves and a bright lime base with black and white zig-zags was the football shirt to be seen in two years ago, even if some (a lot of) people couldn’t really pull it off.

Well, 24 and a bit months on, Nike have released a whole new collection that you can try and convince yourself you’ll look cool in, and somehow it’s actually nicer than their previous collection.

The new home shirt particularly is quite simply a fucking dream. Everyone loves a block colouring down the centre of a shirt – hence why the PSG shirts of old were, actually, nicer than the ones they have now – and this one take the trend to strange new places.

On either side of the white block is an asymmetrical zig-zag design, with bright and darker green elements.

The tracksuit, however, is for me where the real money is. The details on the arms are beautiful. The pattern is interesting but delicate, and the Nike logo placed under a simplified (i.e. totally deconstructed) Nigeria crest is just gorgeous.

The away shirt is much simpler but also a real looker. With the body in grey, the flourishes are left to the neck and cuffs, giving us a slightly more muted but still stylish offering.

Then we have the training top, once again featuring the deconstructed Nigeria crest, and ‘NAIJA’ emblazoned across the front. No point in me using any more stupid superlatives in an attempt to make it seem like I understand fashion. The training shirt, like every other part of this collection, is simply beautiful.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

Top effort, no mistake.

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