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23rd Jun 2022

Nike to consider offering home kits which last for two seasons

Callum Boyle

A big change to the current model.

Nike are considering changing their kit strategy by offering clubs home shirts which can be used for two seasons.

Since the 2000s, clubs have often received a new home kit every season, but before that, teams would often use the same shirts for a number of years.

But one source on Twitter, who has inside knowledge of the Paris Saint-Germain kits (which are made by Nike), says that they are “seriously considering” a rethink.

It said: “Nike is seriously considering offering a home jersey for several clubs, including PSG, which would be worn for 2 years. From an ecological point of view it is interesting, from the point of view of the wallet too. Buy a single home jersey that would last two seasons.”

Benefits of keeping a home shirt for two seasons

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to this move. First of all, from an ecological point of view, it is far more sustainable to recycle and use the same shirt for a longer period of time. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

The other advantage from the fan perspective is cost. Nowadays you will struggle to find a brand new kit for anything less than in-between the region of ÂŁ60-ÂŁ90. If a club is going to keep that shirt for longer than one season, that cost suddenly becomes more worthwhile.

Nike home kits

Negatives of keeping a home shirt for two seasons

Now… the disadvantages. It goes without saying, but in every fanbase, there is that excitement around a new kit each season. The anticipation of waiting for that kit launch video to drop on social media is normally the first sign of the new season and from a club perspective, is a great day for them to get clicks and views.

Then of course the other risk is if the kit doesn’t go down well with the fans. Wearing a shirt that fans don’t like for two years could affect sales and damage a club’s income.

Other sides have followed this method of recycling their home kits for more than one season. In the United Kingdom, Brentford and Hull City are two clubs that have already confirmed that they will wear the same home shirt as they did last season in an attempt to be more sustainable.

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