Neymar posts full explanation of altercation with Marseille's Alvaro Gonzalez 3 years ago

Neymar posts full explanation of altercation with Marseille's Alvaro Gonzalez

"We asked the referees for help and we were ignored."

Neymar has posted a full explanation on Instagram, explaining his version of events from the bitter end to Paris Saint-Germain's 1-0 defeat to Marseille on Sunday night.


The game ended with five red cards being shown, one of them to Neymar, and the Brazilian accusing Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez of racially abusing him during the game.

Neymar was seen informing the officials of the abuse he received, which to no action. He has reiterated in his statement on Instagram that while reacting to the abuse by striking Gonzalez may not have been the best idea, his repeated complaints were ignored.

"Yesterday, I revolted," the statement begins.

"I was punished with a red card because I wanted to hit someone who offended me. I thought I couldn't leave without doing something because I realised those in charge would not do anything."


Neymar goes on to say: "In our sport, aggression, insults, swearing is part of the game. You can't be affectionate.

"But racism and intolerance are unacceptable. I am black. I am proud, and I do not see myself as different from anyone."

"I wanted those in charge of the game to position themselves impartially and understand that there is no longer a place for a prejudiced attitude.

"I am saddened by the feeling of hatred we can provoke when in the heat of the moment we snap."

The Brazilian superstar continues: "Should I have ignored it? I don't know yet. Today, with a cool head, I say yes.


"But my companions and I asked the referees for help and we were ignored. That's the point!"

"An action led to a reaction and got to where it did. I accept my punishment because I should have followed the path of clean football.

"I hope the offender will also be punished. Racism exists. It exists. But we have to stop it. No more. Enough!"

Neymar continues before ending the statement by saying: "You know what you said. I know what I did. More love to the world."


You can view Neymar's statement in full, in various languages, on his Instagram page below.

PSG have also published a statement in full support of their star player.

"Paris Saint-Germain strongly supports Neymar Jr. who reported being subjected to racist abuse by an opposing player," the club said.

"The club restates that there is no place for racism in society, in football or in our lives and calls on everyone to speak out against all forms of racism throughout the world.

"For more than 15 years the club has been strongly committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination alongside its partners SOS Racisme, Licra and Sportitude.

"Paris Saint-Germain looks forward to the LFP's Disciplinary Commission to investigate and ascertain the facts, and the club remains at the LFP's disposal for any assistance required."

And that is not the end of the statements. Marseille also released one, last night, in support of Gonzalez. The statement reads:

"Olympique de Marseille is proud of yesterday’s competitive victory over Paris Saint-Germain. This victory, obtained in a fair way, was played out on the pitch thanks to the commitment and dedication of our players, who were able to apply a precise strategy and gameplan.

"Alvaro Gonzalez is not racist, as he has shown through his daily behaviour since joining the club, and as his team-mates have already confirmed. The Club remains at the disposal of the disciplinary committee to fully cooperate in the investigation of all the events that occurred in the match, and the 24 hours which followed.

"This controversy is serious and has already produced serious consequences. The club condemns the dissemination of the private telephone numbers of Alvaro Gonzalez and his relatives on Brazilian media and social networks overnight, giving rise to constant harassment -- including death threats.


"Olympique de Marseille is the very symbol of anti-racism in French professional sport, given its history and that of the city of Marseille, who's diversity stands firm in the relentless struggle against racism. Its players demonstrate this in their daily commitment on and off the field."