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16th Feb 2017

Motherwell’s Mark McGhee doesn’t react well to being filmed by fans after being sent off – at all

We're slightly scared just watching this

Nooruddean Choudry

Imagine having a thoroughly pissed off Mark McGhee in your face of a cold Wednesday night…

Well thanks to phone technology, social media, and the eventful goings-on at Pittodrie, you need imagine no more, as there’s POV footage of just that available to watch at your leisure.

It was the culmination of a terrible night for the former Leicester City manager, as his Motherwell side were well and truly thrashed 7-2 by Aberdeen. But things went from bad to worse when the 59-year-old was reprimanded by the match official.

Adjudged to be taking his frustrations out on the playing staff a little too ‘colourfully’, McGhee was ordered to leave his technical area and head to the stands – which happened to populated by ecstatic Aberdeen fans.

Trudging towards an elevated position, the forlorn coach was mocked and derided by the home fans, and didn’t seem to enjoy it at all – but then he spotted he was being filmed and well, you can judge for yourself how that went down. Bloody Nora…

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