More money than sense: The 7 craziest things that famous sports stars have bought 5 years ago

More money than sense: The 7 craziest things that famous sports stars have bought

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We’re not judging.


If someone handed us a multi-million Euro sports contract when we were in our teens or early twenties, we would probably have a few retail regrets. And a garage full of ridiculous items that we could never admit to buying.

We’re pretty sure that young athletes on ridiculous wages must be a salesperson’s equivalent of a winning Lotto ticket. Who else is going to buy that life-size ceramic elephant that’s been taking up space in the storeroom?

And if that sounds like an exaggeration, wait until you see some of the things that sports stars have actually spent big money on.

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7. Nojak Djokovic buys up the world’s supply of donkey cheese

So it turns out that donkey cheese is actually a thing and the Serbian tennis star is a big fan. He reportedly bought up an entire year’s reserves of donkey cheese to supply his chain of restaurants.

The “world’s most expensive cheese” costs around €1000 for a kilo and this “pule” is only made in one farm in Serbia. Djokovic has since denied buying the entire year’s supply but even a few blocks of this stuff would put a serious dent in your bank balance.


6. Mario Balotelli's camouflage Bentley

Why always him? Well, spending £160,000 on a nice Bentley Continental GT and then covering it in a gammy camouflage vinyl springs to mind.

5. Nani’s statue of himself


Former Man United winger Nani famously commissioned a large marble statue of himself which he kept in his living room during his Manchester years. We can neither confirm nor deny that the statue spent the majority of its time being overshadowed by a larger marble statue of Cristiano Ronaldo.

4. Bubba Watson buys “General Lee”

The General Lee getting signed by Bo Duke/John Schneider today at @barrett_jackson! #wahooo #dukesofhazzard #notforsale

A post shared by Bubba Watson (@bubbawatson) on Jan 16, 2015 at 12:45pm PST

The pro golfer splashed out on an unlikely cultural reference point when he spent $110,000 on one of the Dodge Chargers used in the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard.” At least he painted over the dubious Confederate Flag on the roof of “General Lee,” even if it did take him three years to get around to it.

3. Chad Ochocinco’s shark tank


The NFL star had a shark tank installed in his living room, because of course he did. In case that wasn’t extravagant enough, he had three massive TVs attached to the front of it. That might ruin the Bond villain aesthetic but at least you have something to watch when there’s nothing on any of your TVs.

2. Cisse’s mansion and lordship

We can kind of see the attraction of this one. When former Liverpool striker and bad haircut specialist Djibril Cisse bought a £2 million mansion in Cheshire, he also bought the title Lord of the Manor of Frodsham. He may have bought a fancy title but he'll always be a low-scoring donkey to Liverpool fans.

1. Mike Tyson’s tigers

When you’re the most dangerous man on the planet, you probably need something to keep you grounded. How about a pet that could rip your throat out? Tyson bought three Bengal tigers, costing roughly €60,000 each. Amazingly, the worst injury he sustained during his tiger-owning period was the loss of a gold tooth when one tiger headbutted him.

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