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14th Dec 2022

Former Miss Croatia reveals marriage proposals from players at World Cup

Charlie Herbert

‘My intention is to make people smile’

Croatian model Ivana Knoll has apparently received dozens of marriage proposals and even some messages from the World Cup stars during her time in Qatar.

The 26-year-old model, who has shot to fame during the tournament thanks to her bold outfit choices at games, said she was shocked at the way some fans thought she was an “easy woman.”

She said some of the messages she received through her Instagram account had been invitations from footballers playing in the World Cup to meet up with them. But Knoll told the MailOnline:

“I am only having fun with everybody. I suppose people like me because I am good looking. I am not interested in meeting with anybody here. My intention is to make people smile, that is all.

“The fans I meet everywhere love me. But when I go to matches now, my friends won’t sit with me and move away to other seats because of the cameras.”

Ivana Knoll jas been a hit with fans in Qatar (Getty)

‘Special celebration’ was not to be

She also revealed that she had been worried about the upset her outfits might cause in Qatar and feared being banned from stadiums.

But she was at the stadium for her country’s semi final with Argentina on Tuesday evening, posing for photos with fans.

Earlier in the tournament, she had appeared to be stopped by security at Croatia’s quarter final match with Brazil.

Before Croatia’s 3-0 defeat to Argentina in the semis, she had teased a special celebration if her nation went one step further than in 2018 and won the tournament.

She won’t have to worry about that anymore though, as Luka Modric and co were thoroughly outclassed by Lionel Messi’s side.

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