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07th Apr 2019

Mesut Özil chucks jacket at Everton bench because he was pure raging like

Kyle Picknell

You won’t like Mesut when he’s angry

Arsenal captain Mesut Özil was subbed off during their 1-0 defeat at Everton today and was left to fume on the bench as the game drifted away from the Gunners.

Mesut was stewing so much, in fact, that he had no option but to chuck his substitute’s jacket at the Everton technical area after Unai Emery and Marco Silva became embroiled in a relatively low-key touchline spat.

Broadcasting rules mean we cannot show you footage of the incident but the below screenshot makes it pretty obvious as it’s a jacket flying from a jacketless and angry Mesut.

Bravo, Mesut. Bravo. Hurling a jacket that sailed harmlessly beyond any target will teach them to mess with you.

10/10 for this face as well, knowing he has to sit there reasonably chilly for the remaining six minutes plus extra time. Has an expression ever been more: “I immediately regret my decision. That really, really wasn’t worth it”?

The managers involved played down their touchline scuffle, which ultimately amounted to little more than a shouting match.

“Mustafi arrived late in this action and I think it was a yellow card,” Emery said. “I spoke to Silva because he comes in my space. No problem.”

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